Idea appearance

 The whole idea appeared in Paris few years ago. That was my first time there, and I was excited with the memorable picture of that romantic place. As many people know Paris is mostly recognized with its visit card known as Eiffel Tower. The tower has its amazing illumination that shines only for a few minutes every hour till 1am. And at the exact moment when we were passing it, while the tower was sparkling and creating perfect conditions to take a photo that would describe the whole feeling of the city, it appeared that the only device that was charged was my Apple Watch, but unfortunately it didn’t have any camera on it, so I couldn’t catch the moment. And after I came home, I’ve decided that I don’t want neither me, nor anyone else to miss the moments of their lives that will stay with them forever. And that’s how the idea of BandCam appeared as such.


It’s not hard to guess why we have chosen this particular name. It’s combined from two words: «band» – a strap or bracelet that holds a watch on the wrist; and «cam» (camera) – an optical device for recording or capturing images. We had many ideas how to name the product and came to a conclusion that our product is new for the market, so the name should maximally describe the idea and would be easily recognized. What we had on mind while choosing the name was a situation when a customer comes to a shop for something particular, but doesn’t know the name of the product, so he starts describing it… And what would be the easiest way to describe our product? We thought that it would sound like «I’m looking for a camera that you put on the band of a smartwatch…». In that description you can notice that there are few words that are describing the whole device, and those are «camera» and «band», so we decided – why not «BandCam»?

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