The first ultimate camera for smart watches
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We are glad to introduce you an 8mp,

high-resolution camera that works both with your phone and a smartwatch!

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Get it synchronized with your smartwatch or phone

Long-lasting battery

Make over 150 photos per one charge


Make photos under water

Share your moments

Send your images straight from the watch or the phone via your favorite chats

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We have the right solution for smart watches

  1. What if youonline essay writer need to take a photo but you don’t want to get caught?
  2. What if you are in a hurry and taking a picture on your phone will take too much time?
  3. What if your pockets are too tight and your phone is hard to reach?
  4. What if affordable papers4u you need to take a photo of an important document but you don’t have anything near you?


 Then BandCam – it’s always on your wrist

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What does it fit?

Our camera is compatible with a wide range of smartphones and smart watches:

Apple Watch

Samsung Gear S2/S3

Moto 360

Asus Zen Watch

LG Watch

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Our device travelled a lot


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Available in three different colors
Available in three different colors

Our focus

All the smart watches were made to ease user’s lives by taking away the need to get their phones out of their pockets
but what if you need to make a photo? So we have decided to provide a solution by making the first ultimate camera for smart watches

Our history

We are a company with a long experience of hardware and software development. Our first mass product is a camera that fits most of smart watches. This is a product that we can be really proud of

Our team

Fresh active and positive people that are working hard to make our client’s lives easier and brighter

Contact us
We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions

1261 Locust St, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

+1 (925) 420-4050

Be the first to get our product

How much does BandCam cost?

Estimated value for BandCam is $159, but for those, who fill’s the form now, will get it with a $40 discount only for $119.

What do I need for BandCam to work?

BandCam can work with or without the smartphone or the smart watch. You can make the photo by the device, and then upload them to your phone’s or watch’s gallery, or make photos from your phone or watch through BandCam program.

What features are available?

BandCam works with a wide range of phones and smart watches that work on Android or iOS platforms. You can take photos on BandCam via your phone or smart watch and then send it to your friends via your favorite messenger. Content is synced with your phone when connected, and you can share photos from your smart watch and phone.

What are the sizes of BandCam?

BandCam is designed to fit most of the bands. The sizes of BandCam are 35mm (high) and 30mm (width).

What do I get for this price?

With the price of only $119 you will get the BandCam camera, charger and the BandCam app.

When will it be available on the market?

At the moment “Zerno Tech” corp. is getting prepared to crowdfunding in order to launch the first consignment of our product. Shipping is predicted to start at the end of the year 2017.